HANRO - A vision of the future based on the richness of the past

HANRO is a very traditional, international lingerie and underwear brand, which distinguishes itself through timeless style, fine quality, a distinctive creativity and the use of high-quality natural fibres. Underwear is an expression of your personality and a signal for your senses. HANRO underwear illustrates the latest in trends but is also linked to a strong sense of tradition. This is reflected in the product range, which combines classic products with new trends to reach a successful new interpretation of the HANRO image. HANRO underwear is a wisp of luxury for every day, which meets the highest standards: yours!

The idea to produce high-quality textiles for a fashion-conscious clientele led to the foundation of HANRO in the year 1884. In 1913 HANRO was registered for the first time as a trademark by Albert HANdschin and Carl ROnus. In 1991 HANRO was integrated into the Austrian Huber Group, which is one of the largest European lingerie and leisurewear manufacturers. Read more about HANRO on their website - www.hanro.com

Today HANRO is present as a future trendsetter in all important international markets and has reached the recognition of a hallmark for extraordinary and luxurious underwear.